“Organisations need talented people more than talented people need organizations” 

Daniel Pink

An evening with Dr. Craig Knight

Starts at: April 06, 2017 18:00
Ends at: April 06, 2017 21:00

Measuring performance is ruining your business


“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” So said Peter Drucker.  A maxim that has been repeated many times, notably by CBI Chief Paul Drechsler. 


But what if you are measuring the wrong thing?  How, precisely and for example, do you measure productivity in an office?  Try verbalising an answer.


Dr Craig Knight has been researching the effect of change management, design and leadership styles on workplace well-being and productivity since2003.  His published evidence suggests that just about every business fails to correctly assess the key business variables and so measure the wrong things.  Consequently, we are an unhappier, less satisfied and more underproductive society than we should be.  Furthermore, evidence from Knight and his colleagues powerfully suggests that the most popular management styles in the western world are actively toxic and damage the bottom line.


This talk could seriously improve your happiness, your intelligence and your bottom line.


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