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WCO Events Dates Confirmed!

by Victoria Stares on 2015-06-18 18:30:48 UTC

We have recently confirmed some dates for our 2015 events later in the year.

Please visit our events calendar to take a look at what's to come!

Upcoming WCO Event! IBMs new London Studio

by Victoria Stares on 2015-06-17 16:50:24 UTC

What: Site tour of IBMs new London Studio

Where: South Bank Wednesday 24th June 2015 at 6pm to 9pm

Cost : Free

Supporting Places of Work:

by ConradW on 2014-12-15 01:01:29 UTC

Incubators, Accelerators and Co-Working Spaces.

An informative and intereting study commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to explore and map the provision of incubator, accelerator and co-working space (IACs) in London.

IACs play an important role in the provision of work space and support to start-up and small businesses and encompass a wide range of models. This report examines the current provision of IACs in London and outlines the potential benefits both to businesses and to the surrounding areas in which IACs are located.The research conducted also supports the development of an interactive map of IACs across London and their offer, which it is intended will be hosted by the GLA. The role of the public sector in supporting IACs in order to enhance these benefits is discussed and recommendations put forward.


Message from the Chair

by ConradW on 2014-09-06 14:21:46 UTC

The following is a copy of the communication previously sent directly to all members:

Dear Member

I am writing to you to update you on a number of important WCO matters.  Please excuse the length of the communication, but there is quite a lot on which to update you.

New Chair First, the more observant of you will notice that this update is coming from me, and not from our friend and colleague Nigel Oseland.  As many of you will know, Nigel recently stood down as Chair of the WCO, and I have taken up the role.  I would like to express an enormous vote of thanks to Nigel, on behalf of us all, for his determination and dedication in getting the WCO to where it is today.  Without him, there would be no forum for us all to network, learn and socialise.

Many of you will know who I am.  I have served on the Council since inception, and have been involved in the field of Workplace for many years.  I look forward to working with you all, and to taking the WCO to its next stage of growth.

Council changes As well as a new Chair, recent elections led to a number of other changes.  The remainder of the Council now comprises: Tim Allen (Education); Meirion Anderson (Events) Adryan Bell (Secretary); Nigel Oseland (Treasury); Conrad Wildsmith (Communications) and Mel Woolcott (Membership).

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