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You're a What?

by ConradW on July 22, 2013

The recent WCO Social event threw up some interesting conversations on the current state of workplace consulting. One of which was blogged by WCO Committte member Nigel Oseland:

You’re a what? A workplace consultant? WTF is that?


Last Tuesday was the summer social of the Workplace Consulting Organisation (WCO). As the night progressed, fuelled by free ale, we succumbed to alcoholic existentialism: "what is workplace consulting ... what do we actually do ... how do we differ from management consultants ... are we needed" basically "why am I here?” and much later “who am I?”. My thoughts here are born out of a hazy conversation with WCO members Conrad Wildsmith, Farrol Goldblatt and Sonny Hasan – who can either claim credit or distance themselves from my ramblings as they see fit.

Workplace Trends

by ConradW on March 13, 2013

The WCO is pleased to once more be sponsoring the annual Workplace Trends conference on 24 October at 30 Euston Square (Royal College of General Practitioners).

As usual our members receive a 20% discount, use the code WCO2013 when booking.

The quiet office revolution

by administrator on January 18, 2013

For years, those leading workplace change developments have pushed for more openness in the workplace  -  less walls, less offices, less divisions and barriers; all aimed at improving so-called critical missing workplace ingredients for success, such as interaction, collaboration, accessibility and creativity.  The office buzz if you like.

Nowadays, most of us work in open workspace with minimal walls and barriers.  They still might not be the most creative or inspiring environments (corporate blues and greys still dominate many modern workplaces) – but we now get to see, hear and speak to each other much, much more.  Great!  Or is it?

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