“You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world - but it takes people to make the dream a reality”

Walt Disney

WCO Papers

The WCO is one of  the leading authorities on the Workplace. Informative Papers will be published in this section:

Current WCO Papers:

  • Guide to Utilisation and Occupancy Studies - WCO
  • Quality not Quantity - WCO
  • Reflections on the modern office - Rob Harris
  • Glossary of Terms - WCO 
  • Flexible Workplace Benefits - Workplaceunlimited


Documents can be downloaded below.


  • Pdf
    WCO - Quality not Quantity
  • Pdf
    Reflections on the modern office
  • Pdf
    Glossary of Terms
  • Pdf
    Flexible Workplace Benefits
  • Pdf
    WCO Utilisation and Occupancy
  • Pdf
    Guide to Strategic Briefing

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