“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating; the paths are not to be found, but made….”   

John Schurr

Membership Criteria

The WCO recognises that workplace professionals are born out of a range of disciplines rather than, for example, being associated with a specific qualification. Membership will therefore be awarded based on nominations from Full or Honorary Members supported by a second.

Members will be responsible for the credentials and conduct of those they nominate - and all members will be required to agree to the WCO’s Code of Professional Conduct.


The membership categories and criteria are:

  • Full Membership will be awarded to those with practical experience of workplace strategy, workplace design or workplace management, or awarded to those working within the wider property industry or academia and considered by the WCO Council to be making a valid contribution to changing the workplace.
  • Honorary Membership will be bestowed upon those who are considered, by the WCO Council, to have made a significant contribution to the field of Workplace strategy, workplace design or workplace management
  • Graduate Membership will be awarded to graduates wishing to pursue a career in workplace strategy, workplace design or workplace management but have less than two years practical experience

Becoming a member

The Workplace Change Organisation would like to encourage you to become a member by meeting the nomination criteria and contributing to the growth and development of this organisation. Please refer to the downloadable pdf below to access more information about the process of applying to become a member of the Workplace Consulting Organisation.


Download membership form below: 


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    Membership Form (12.08.13)

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