“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating; the paths are not to be found, but made….”   

John Schurr

Membership Benefits

The WCO is the professional body representing workplace change and is aimed at:

“raising the profile of workplace change and improving the understanding of the value of workplace change activities within the property and design industry, client organisations and the research community”.


The WCO provides a:

  • network for knowledge sharing between peers;
  • hub for the training and recruitment of prospective workplace consultants;
  • register of workplace consultants recognised as meeting WCO membership criteria;
  • body for lobbying and influencing debate within the wider industry.

WCO members receive all the benefits and professional status associated with being part of a respected and select membership body.


Specific benefits to members include:

Register of Workplace Professionals

automatic entry into this publically available document (accessed by potential clients, peers and recruitment agents) proves you have met the strict criteria for joining the WCO.

Members’ Portal

free access to our private Web 2.0 site, which provides information on peers, easy access to member’s blogs, notifications of meetings and conferences, participation in workplace related discussions, sharing of knowledge sources, and new consulting jobs. 


free entry to members only events and joint events with related professions (e.g. BIFM, BCO); for this year we anticipate four formal events (e.g. CPD training seminars, Pecha Kucha debates, building tours, sponsored dinners) and four informal events (e.g. quiz evening, summer drinks, gallery tours, year-end party).

Networking Community

the events and Members Portal provide a community to interact and collaborate with like-minded people; the community offers support through informed advice and shared knowledge.

Research Papers

the WCO intends to publish occasional research papers that represent the views and insights of its members.


the public website and Members Portal are ideal for advertising or finding new consulting posts; large practices and recruitment agencies regularly use the WCO for seeking new consultants.


potential new clients use our website, in particular the Register, to seek consultants; some search directly whereas others go through the WCO administration.


in the past WCO members have received discount on delegate rates at the Workplace Trends and Worktech conferences; we intend to continue to provide such savings to future members.

Post-nominal Letters

full, honorary and academic members of the WCO may use the initials MWCO after their name; associate members may use AWCO.

In the longer-term the WCO wishes to offer the benefits of longer-established professional bodies, including perhaps a professional qualification. The WCO’s medium-term aim is to establish an international organisation that affords professional status to its members, akin to the RICS, BIFM and RIBA. This is quite a different proposition to membership associations such as BCO and CoreNet, which have entry requirements that are not based on qualification and experience in workplace consulting.


Download membership form below: 


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