“People, the most important workplace ingredient - the key to success or the reason for failure” 

Adryan Bell

WCO Mission

The WCO is the membership body of workplace professionals aimed at:

“raising the profile of workplace change and improving the understanding of the
value of workplace professionals within the wider property and design industry, occupier organisations and the research community”


In addition, the WCO provides a:

  • network for knowledge sharing between peers involved in workplace change;
  • hub for the training and recruitment of prospective workplace professionals;
  • register of workplace professionals recognised as meeting our membership criteria;
  • body for lobbying and influencing debate within the wider industry.

Membership is awarded based on individual merit and consists of a group of like-minded professionals whose core service offering is workplace strategy, workplace design or workplace management. The WCO aspires to become a fully accredited professional body that offers quality assurance of the workplace change services offered by its members.


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