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John Schurr

TP Bennett's are RECRUITING!

by Victoria Stares on 2016-09-13 16:19:02 UTC

TP Bennett are seeking a Workplace Consultant and Analyst

To  support to a leading Workplace Strategy team at a successful interior design and architectural firm

* We require a technical yet creative workplace analyst who can work with leading organisations in the field of workplace transformation

* Creative thinker with analytical skills    

 * Effective communicator and ability to present to clients

* You will be working with a diverse team consultants where ideas  flow freely and opinions are welcome 

* We encourage our people to explore workplace related research and develop tools to make us work smarter 

* Offer a flexible arrangement to working from our office and your home to suit you !

For more information on the role, please contact Farrol Goldblatt at Farrol.Goldblatt@tpbennett.com 

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